3. Klasse Harmonie (Modul A) "May the Forest Bloom Again" (Théo Schmitt)

This poetic piece was inspired by the dramatic forest fires which occurred all around the globe in the years 2021 and 2022 and their terrible impact on the climate change. It is about the hope of these sanctuaries of life being restored after their destruction, mainly caused by human activities.

The beginning describes the mysterious and peaceful atmosphere of an ancient forest where the main theme is presented by the solo flute, followed by the solo euphonium. Then, a rapid transition mimics the birth of a wild fire. A ferocious combat between the elements takes place in the rhythmic part of the piece where we can hear the theme stated dramatically by the low brass. The last part starts with a lonely oboe solo describing the desolation of the burned landscape. The solo clarinet takes over the main theme and leads towards a slow regeneration of the forest. The last bars are a hymn to nature, its resilience and its fantastic ability to rebirth.